How Did You Accept Yourself As a Bisexual?

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single bi datingHumans are social animals, and it's much easier for us to believe in ourselves if the people around us do so as well. Of course, this may be easier in college or a city. Many people have fears about things they are not familiar with. Sometimes they even refuse to accept new things, although it sounds backward or even ridiculous, but there are such people. The word bisexuality has been around for a long time, but there are still many people who don't really understand its meaning, and even think that bisexuality is disgusting. Once it happens to yourself, will feel unacceptable. Here are some tips, maybe can help you understand how to accept yourself as a bisexual.

1.Understand Your Real Sexual Orientation.

To evaluate a new thing, you must first understand everything clearly, and then you have the right to say your ideas. I believe that when people first realize that they are bisexual, they are more confused and doubt whether their judgment is wrong. If you understand bisexuality, you will not be afraid to face and will not reject it.

2. Bravely Face The Sarcasm of Others.

Many people are reluctant to accept that they are bisexual, mostly because they are afraid of other people's cynicism, fear of other people's language and personal attacks. And some of them are shy, they need time and space to let them slowly accept the fact that they are bisexual. Don't shy away from challenges but wade into the struggle and get comfortable with operating and living there. Struggles are a way of life, and we have to learn to confront them. Instead of worrying about what other people think, worry about what you want.

3.Looking for Support from Like-minded Friends.

If you are thinking about it in your way, it is better to find some friends who support you and tell them your troubles. Although sometimes they can't help you with a good solution, but listening is already the best help for you. The support and understanding of friends will give you a relaxed environment. Join some bisexual dating sites, groups, communities...Looking for more opportunities to contact the bisexual circle of friends, often to see other people's experience sharing, expand your circle of friends, let you know more bisexual friends, get more support. Stop spending time around people that made you feel depressed.

4.Strengthen Your Own Beliefs.

Since you have already confirmed your true sexual orientation, don't change your perception of your sexual orientation because of other people's words. Or fear of losing the love of family and friends and concealing your true sexual orientation. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. You will never be happy that way. Do what makes you happy and your life will just improve somehow.

5.Being More Honest With People.

Being honest will lead to stronger relationships with people who become better friends. No point spending time with people who you have to alter your ideology for, because in the end all you are left with are superficial friends, which can feel lonelier than being alone. We don't have to live to please others. Realizing that you don't have to be perfect to be accepted by people.

Think about who you are and then think about who you want to be. Try to do this as objectively as possible. A big part of it for me was realizing that everyone has the same fears and doubts that I have. It's easy to see that on some people but other people are just better at hiding it or thinking through it.

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