How Would You Feel about Dating a Bisexual?

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Regarding love, everyone prefers different gender types, or each person they love is different. Most people today love the opposite sex. We call this heterosexuality, and a small number of people love the same sex. We call it homosexual, in fact, there is also a love for both the same sex and the opposite sex, that is, bisexual. Some people say that bisexuality is a sign of cowardice. In fact, bisexuality has nothing to do with cowardice. Bisexual people know exactly what kind of person they like the most. Cowardly people have the idea of avoiding reality. If you are dating a bisexual or find yourself interested in someone who identifies as such, I encourage you to discuss what it means to him or her.

Many people say bisexual is a disease, which is a misunderstanding. Bisexuality only means that you are more open to love. This is not a disease. 90% of bisexuals become more fascinated and better with their partners after they have identified who they like.

In fact, there is a saying that there is no sex, where is the love, this statement is not correct. Bisexual people are more psychologically comforting to same-sex partners. This is similar to homosexuality. They are more inclined to talk about Plato-like love. They are more interested in interacting with their same-sex partners. They hope that the two will have a unified line in spirit.

Bisexuality does not mean that they are more likely to derail other people. The definition of monogamy varies between couples, not with sexual orientation. If both parties agree to start a committed, one-to-one relationship, it is ridiculous to assume that a bisexual partner will not keep the promise.

Society, the media, counseling agencies, and schools all tend to eliminate bisexuality and instead emphasize straight or curved duality; or forget about bisexual groups and their partners of all ages and classes.In most movies, bisexuals are either killed, committed suicide, or killed others, or they are passing HIV to the carriers of straight women. In recent years, only a few films have been used to discuss bisexual eroticism, the relationship between women and bisexual men from a more active and more diversified perspective.

It may seem obvious, since most people want to be recognized fully for who they are, but this is still a struggle for many people who identify as bisexual in relationships. Their partners might know what they identify as, but do they know what that means for them? Just enjoy knowing that you know who you are and what you want. I love both men and women, it's as simple as that. It can be so confusing at first but then you will meet that special someone who makes your heart flutter and gender won't matter.

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