What Is The Best Thing About Being A Bisexual?

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Many people will smile when they see this title. Oh, it is certainly possible to date people with two different genders at the same time. I think this sentence is what bisexual friends hate to hear. How deep is the misunderstanding of bisexuality, how much bisexual friends hate this sentence? I don't want to explain that bisexuality is attractive to both genders. It doesn't mean they have double the chance to date someone else. As bisexual, Self-awareness from self-sexual orientation, self-affirmation, come out, accepting other people's visions, cynicism, and even physical harm, every bisexual has a long and difficult road. But there are still so many people who are not afraid of hardship and bravely do themselves. Why? Here are some opinions, It's just a personal point of view, it doesn't mean everyone's thoughts.

1. Not suppressing their passion and desire for the same sex. Before coming out as bisexual, many people hide their expectations of the same sex, dare not show it, buried in the bottom of my heart. And now, you can no longer fear that your friends will suddenly talk about bisexuality, don't worry if they know your true sexual orientation. You can relax yourself.

2. You can go into the bisexual group generously, find like-minded friends, listen to their stories, share your experiences and get more support and understanding. Participate in various proud parties and parades. Wear your favorite bisexual clothing. You can wave the bisexual pride flag.

3. Not being confused by your sexual orientation. And being bisexual does not mean that you don't love your husband or that you can't be in a committed monogamous relationship or marriage.

4. You can boldly enter the threesome dating project. Find and meet bisexual couples and unicorns. Don't worry about the strange eyes of others. But this does not mean that you can have random sex, random one-night stand, etc. You have a wider dating pool.

5.The best part would be getting to love whoever you want. That variety is the spice of life, and making love to both genders means all the more spice. Men and women are quite different as sex partners. It's fun to know what those differences are.

In any case, everyone has different feelings and thoughts for each person, but as a bisexual person, I feel more love and acceptance. Thank you very much for supporting and understanding our friends and family. You have always been our strong backing. when you came out as bisexual, Your life will change more or less, but no matter what, remember, there is a group of friends behind you who support and understand you.

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